Step-by-Step Guide to Birth Certificate in Pakistan: Procedures &Requirements

The Child Registration Certificate (CRC), also referred to as the Birth Certificate, serves as an official method for incorporating a newborn’s details into the NADRA database.

It is a child’s basic right to receive a registration certificate from their birthplace. NADRA has streamlined and simplified the acquisition of birth certificate online.

Here are some simple steps by step guide to birth certificate online in Pakistan

How can I apply for Birth Certificate?

To get a Birth Certificate , start by visiting the closest NADRA Registration Center (NRC). Here’s a more detailed breakdown of what you’ll do there:

1. When you arrive, they’ll give you a number, known as a token.

2. A staff member will take your picture.

3. They’ll also collect your fingerprints and signature to verify your identity.

4. You’ll provide the necessary information, which they’ll enter into their system. After that, they’ll print out a form for you to check.

5. They’ll give you this printed form. Make sure to review it carefully for any mistakes.

After you have the form, you need to have it signed by a gazetted officer, which is a high-ranking official, to confirm the details are correct. Once it’s signed, bring it back to the NRC to complete your application.

However, if your spouse is with you at the NRC, they can give their bio-metrics (fingerprints and photograph) right there. If this happens, you won’t need to get the form attested by a gazetted officer.

Child Registration Certificate

How long will it take from application completion to delivery?

The duration from the completion of your application to the delivery of the document typically spans 5 working days.

This means that once you’ve submitted your completed application, you can expect to receive the requested document within a week, assuming there are no holidays or unexpected delays in the process. It’s a relatively quick turnaround, designed to ensure that you receive your document promptly.

E Khidmat Markaz in Punjab Services for Birth Certification

The e Khidmat Centers in Punjab offer a variety of services, including the issuance of Birth Certificates, to facilitate the needs of citizens.

To further enhance customer satisfaction and accessibility, a 24/7 Call Center operates, ensuring that citizens can reach out for assistance at any time.

Additionally, to ensure the quality of their services, the e-Khidmat Call Center proactively reaches out to citizens for feedback on the services provided. This approach not only helps in improving the service quality but also in understanding the needs and expectations of the citizens more effectively.

birth certificate online in punjab

The list of required documents for obtaining a birth certificate, along with some conditions and additional notes. Here is the information in a tabular format:

1Application Form A
2CNIC of Applicant
3Birth slip of a child issued by hospital (in case of birth in a hospital)
4Fee of Field OfficeRs. 200
5Vaccination Card
6Father, Mother, Grandfather CNICs
Required Documents list

Additional notes:

  • For cases of birth at home or registration after 60 days up to 7 years, it is advised to contact the nearest e-Khidmat Markaz.
  • Cases after 7 years must be processed through court.
  • Original documents should be accompanied by attested photocopies from an officer of grade 17 or above.
  • Both parents’ marital status should be updated at NADRA.
  • All cases will be processed from the applicant’s relevant District where the case is registered.
  • Cantonment Board cases will be processed from the relevant Cantonment Board.

The procedure for obtaining a birth certificate Online requires the following steps:

  1. Collect the necessary documents, ensuring that you have the originals where indicated and attested photocopies as required.
  2. For a birth within 60 days, fill in Application Form A and gather the CNICs of the parents or grandfather along with the child’s birth slip from the hospital and vaccination card.
  3. Pay the specified fee at the Field Office if applicable.
  4. If the birth occurred at home or if the registration is taking place after 60 days and up to 7 years, you should approach the nearest e-Khidmat Markaz for further instructions.
  5. If the child is over 7 years old, the process must go through the court system.
  6. Make sure to get all photocopies attested by an officer of grade 17 or above.
  7. Update the marital status of the parents at NADRA, if it has not been done already.
  8. Submit the application in the relevant district where the birth occurred or where the case is registered, or at the relevant Cantonment Board for cantonment areas.

Please ensure that you follow these steps and have the correct documentation to avoid any delays in the birth certificate online issuance process.

Guidelines for Obtaining a Birth Certificate

Service Fees:

– A fee of Rs. 200 is applicable for certificates issued within 60 days of birth.

– The issuance fee remains Rs. 200 for applications made after 60 days but within 2 years of birth.

Delivery Timeline:

– The delivery time for the original certificate is estimated at 7 working days.

Issuing Authority:

– Birth certificates are issued by the relevant field office.

Mode of Fee Payment:

– Fees are payable in cash and must be in Pakistani Rupees (PKR).

Center Operating Hours:

– Morning Schedule: e-Khidmat Markaz is open from 09:00 AM to 05:00 PM.

– Evening Schedule: e-Khidmat Markaz in Lahore (specifically ASTP and Town Hall locations) is open from 06:00 PM to 12:00 AM.

Service Availability:

– Morning Services: Available from Monday to Saturday between 09:00 AM and 05:00 PM.

– Evening Services: Available from Monday to Saturday between 06:00 PM and 12:00 AM, but only at Lahore’s ASTP and Town Hall centers.

  Operational Days: 

– e-Khidmat Markaz is operational from Monday to Saturday.

  Break Timings: 

– There are no scheduled breaks, except on Fridays.

  Friday Break: 

– e-Khidmat Markaz will be closed for Jummah prayers from 12:30 PM to 02:30 PM. Please ensure to adhere to these guidelines for a smooth and efficient service experience when applying for a birth certificate.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Birth Certificates 

  Q1: What is a birth certificate? 

A birth certificate is an official document issued to record a person’s birth and includes important details such as the date of birth, place of birth, and parentage.

  Q2: Why do I need a birth certificate? 

A birth certificate is a fundamental personal document. It’s required for various purposes such as enrollment in schools, obtaining a passport, voter registration, government benefits, and more.

  Q3: How can I apply for a birth certificate in Pakistan? 

You can apply for a birth certificate by visiting your nearest e-Khidmat Markaz or the relevant field office with the necessary documents including Application Form A, CNICs of the parents or guardians, and the hospital birth slip if applicable.

  Q4: How much does it cost to get a birth certificate? 

The issuance fee for a birth certificate within 60 days of birth is Rs. 200. The same fee applies for applications made after 60 days but within 2 years of birth.

  Q5: How long does it take to receive a birth certificate? 

The standard delivery time for a birth certificate is 7 working days from the date of application.

  Q6: Can I apply for a birth certificate online? 

The availability of online applications may vary. Please check with the e-Khidmat Markaz or the relevant field office for online services.

  Q7: What if the birth happened at home and not in a hospital? 

For home births or late registrations, you should visit the nearest e-Khidmat Markaz for guidance on the procedure and necessary documentation.

  Q8: What are the working hours of e-Khidmat Markaz for birth certificate services? 

e-Khidmat Markaz is open from Monday to Saturday, 09:00 AM to 05:00 PM. In Lahore, the ASTP and Town Hall centers also offer services from 06:00 PM to 12:00 AM.

  Q9: Is there a fee exemption or reduction for late registration of birth certificates? 

No, the fee remains consistent at Rs. 200 regardless of the timing of the registration within the first two years of birth.

  Q10: What should I do if there are errors on the birth certificate? 

If you find errors on the birth certificate, contact the issuing field office as soon as possible to request corrections. You may need to provide supporting documents to prove the correct information.

  Q11: Do I need to bring the child when applying for a birth certificate? 

It’s generally not required to bring the child when applying for their birth certificate. However, you must provide all necessary documents that prove the child’s birth details.

  Q12: What is the process for getting a birth certificate for adopted children? 

The process may involve additional steps and legal documentation to verify the adoption. It’s best to consult with the relevant authorities or legal advisors for guidance.

  Q13: Are there any breaks during which e-Khidmat Markaz is closed? 

e-Khidmat Markaz does not have a lunch break but closes for Jummah prayers on Fridays from 12:30 PM to 02:30 PM.

  Q14: Can I pay the birth certificate fee in foreign currency? 

No, the fee must be paid in Pakistani Rupees (PKR) and in cash.

For any additional questions or specific circumstances not covered here, please contact your nearest e-Khidmat Markaz or the relevant field office.

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