LUMS NOP Scholarship 2024: Apply Online | Registrations Now Open

The LUMS introduces the National Outreach Program (NOP) Scholarship for the year 2024, an initiative aimed at extending educational opportunities to talented students across the nation who have the potential to excel but lack the resources to do so.

The LUMS NOP Scholarship 2024 is now inviting applications, offering a beacon of hope for students to pursue their academic ambitions without the constraints of financial barriers.

Understanding the LUMS fee structure is critical for prospective students. While LUMS offers an unparalleled educational experience, it also ensures that financial constraints do not hinder capable students from pursuing their dreams.

LUMS NOP scholarship 2024, part of the NOP, cover not only tuition fees but also a significant portion of the living and book expenses, ensuring a holistic support system.

This program stands as a testament to LUMS’s commitment to inclusivity and excellence in education, fostering a learning environment that transcends socioeconomic divisions.

Eligible students are encouraged to seize this opportunity to apply online and take a step towards realizing their potential at one of Pakistan’s leading universities. Registrations are currently open, paving the way for a brighter, more inclusive future in higher education.

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The Prestige of LUMS World Ranking



LUMS’s commitment to excellence is reflected in its world ranking, which continues to rise thanks to its high academic standards, research output, and the success of its graduates. The institution’s global recognition is a testament to its quality education, contributing to Pakistan’s representation on international academic platforms.

LUMS Short Courses: Enhancing Skills and Knowledge 

CourseCategoryOffering DatesTeaching Mode
AI Enabled Data Analytics for Accountants & AuditorsFinanceMay 14, 2024 – Jun 22, 2024In-person
Advanced Microsoft ExcelInformation TechnologyMay 21, 2024 – Jul 04, 2024Online
Advertising: Print, Outdoor and DigitalMarketingMay 07, 2024 – Jun 27, 2024In-person
Brand ManagementMarketingMar 15, 2024 – Apr 20, 2024Online
ChatGPT for ProfessionalsInformation TechnologyMay 17, 2024 – May 18, 2024In-person
Content Marketing, SEO, and Google Ads FundamentalsInformation TechnologyMay 17, 2024 – Jun 22, 2024Online
E-commerce with Shopify & Affiliate MarketingInformation TechnologyMay 18, 2024 – May 26, 2024In-person
EntrepreneurshipManagementMay 18, 2024 – May 26, 2024In-person
Fundamentals of Data AnalyticsInformation TechnologyMay 21, 2024 – Jul 04, 2024In-person
Generative AI for DevelopersInformation TechnologyMay 03, 2024 – May 04, 2024In-person
Graphic Design (online)Information TechnologyMar 16, 2024 – Apr 28, 2024Online
Introduction to Digital Marketing (online)MarketingMar 15, 2024 – Apr 07, 2024Online
Introduction to ManagementManagementJul 27, 2024 – Aug 04, 2024In-person
Investing in the Stock MarketFinanceMay 14, 2024 – Jun 28, 2024In-person
Marketing and Branding Strategy EssentialsMarketingApr 30, 2024 – Jun 06, 2024In-person
Microsoft Power BIInformation TechnologyMar 15, 2024 – Apr 07, 2024Online
Microsoft Power BI BootcampInformation TechnologyMay 04, 2024 – May 12, 2024In-person
Nutrition and WellnessWellnessMay 21, 2024 – Jul 04, 2024Online
Professional Communication SkillsCommunication, Journalism, and MediaMay 06, 2024 – May 29, 2024In-person

Applying for the LUMS NOP Scholarship 2024 is simple.

Qualification Requirements:

– A minimum score of 80% in Matriculation or a corresponding grade in O-Levels.

– A demonstrable need for financial support.

Selection Process:

– Candidates meeting the above qualifications may be chosen for the NOP Summer Coaching Session to engage in various academic activities and assessments.

– Their performance in this session influences their eligibility for the entrance exam, the cost of which LUMS will bear.

– Those who subsequently apply and are admitted to LUMS NOP Scholarship 2024 on the basis of merit will receive a full scholarship.

Uniform Assessment:

– All candidates are subject to the same standards for admission, regardless of whether they entered through the direct application process or the NOP.

– A committee regularly reviews financial needs to ensure fair distribution of scholarships to qualifying students, maintaining this check throughout their education at LUMS.

The process for Applications

1Outreach Presentations: The NOP team conducts informational sessions at various educational institutions across Pakistan.
2Application Submission: Interested students submit their applications to participate in the NOP Summer Coaching Session.
3Summer Coaching Invitation: Shortlisted candidates receive invitations to attend the summer coaching on the LUMS campus.
4Admission Application: Prospective NOP scholars apply for LUMS admission as regular candidates do.
5Admissions Test: Candidates take the LUMS-funded Admissions Test.
6Scholarship Award: Upon passing the financial needs assessment, successful candidates are granted full scholarships for LUMS undergraduate programs.
7Open Eligibility: The opportunity is nationwide; any Pakistani student meeting the academic and financial criteria can apply without regional or other quotas.
All required documents should be original and also have photocopies

Application Procedure for LUMS NOP Scholarship 2024:

  Eligibility Confirmation: 

– First, ensure you meet the required criteria for application, which includes academic achievements and financial necessity.

  Initial Application: 

– Interested students in the first year of their Intermediate studies or A-Levels are invited to apply for the NOP.

– This is the initial step towards potentially enrolling in the undergraduate programs at LUMS NOP Scholarship 2024 for the following academic year.

– Applications for the coaching sessions are submitted online via the dedicated portal at

  Participation in the Summer Coaching Session: 

– If your application catches the eye, you’ll be invited to a comprehensive two-week summer coaching session at LUMS.

– Here, you’ll get a taste of university life and undergo preparatory activities for the LUMS NOP Scholarship 2024 Admission Test.

– Please note, the university covers the costs of the session, excluding travel.

– Keep in mind that joining this session is a learning experience and doesn’t automatically mean you’ll be granted admission or a scholarship.

Admissions Test Registration: 

– Once you’ve completed the summer session and fulfilled all academic and scholarship requirements, LUMS NOP Scholarship 2024 will sponsor your admission test registration fee.

– This step is crucial as it’s part of the formal process of seeking admission to the university.

  Fill LUMS NOP Scholarship 2024 Admission Form: 

– Post-summer session, it’s time to take the next big step: completing the LUMS admission form online.

– You’ll visit to submit your application for admission to the university.

– If you successfully meet the academic performance and financial need criteria, you may be selected as an NOP Scholar and embark on an exciting educational journey at LUMS.

Admission test:

Following the Summer Coaching Session, standout candidates are invited to sign up for the entrance test. Applications for the undergraduate programs can be filled out through an online portal. LUMS NOP Scholarship 2024 notifies candidates of their admission results typically by the end of June or July.

Those who meet the merit criteria and pass the entrance exam are granted admission to LUMS. Additionally, a financial evaluation is conducted to determine eligibility for the NOP scholarship, which can provide full funding for admitted students.

Timeline EventDate(s)
Application Deadline for NOP Summer CoachingMarch 12, 2024
Document Submission Deadline for Summer CoachingMarch 14, 2024
Candidate Selection for NOP Summer CoachingMay – June (Annually)
NOP Summer Coaching SessionsJuly – August (Annually)
Candidate Selection for LUMS Undergraduate ApplicationsSeptember – October (Annually)
Deadline for Online Admission ApplicationJanuary – February 2025
Deadline for Submitting Supporting DocumentsJanuary – February 2025
Admission Test PeriodDecember – March (Annually)
Admission Decision NotificationApril – June, 2025
Start of ClassesSeptember 2025

FAQs about LUMS NOP Scholorship 2024

  1. What academic programs are available under the NOP scholarship?

The NOP scholarship by LUMS is available for undergraduate (Bachelor’s degree) studies, rather than being a specific course offering.

2. Applying to the NOP at what time?

When you are enrolled in your first year of FA/FSc, it is ideal to register. You will be able to begin your undergraduate studies at LUMS NOP Scholarship 2024 by the time you complete your intermediate and are accepted into the programme because the selection process takes more than a year.

For instance, you can enrol in LUMS’s Undergraduate Programme in September 2025 if you apply for the National Outreach Programme Summer Coaching Session for 2024.

3. Can students in their second year of Intermediate apply for the NOP in a way that saves time?

Students in their second Intermediate year can apply via the standard admissions route. This involves completing the online application for Undergraduate Admission and the Financial Aid section within that application.

Upon admission to LUMS, the Financial Aid Committee will evaluate your eligibility. If it is determined that you qualify for a scholarship exceeding 100%, you will be granted the NOP scholarship. This award covers various costs, including but not limited to, accommodation in hostels, a book allowance, and a stipend for living expenses.

4. Who is eligible for this scholarship?

The NOP scholarship is awarded based on financial need. It is open to students who can demonstrate genuine need and have achieved at least 80% in their matriculation exams or the equivalent in O Levels.

6. Is there a difference in admission standards between NOP applicants and regular applicants?

No, LUMS maintains the same level of academic standards for all. Candidates applying through the NOP must meet the same academic requirements as those applying through the regular admission process.

7. How many students are admitted to LUMS Undergraduate Programs through NOP each year?

LUMS does not set a specific yearly limit for admissions through the NOP to its Undergraduate Programs. Admission is granted to all candidates who meet the NOP’s eligibility requirements and pass LUMS’s merit criteria. Furthermore, the NOP does not enforce quotas based on province or city, allowing students from any region of the country to be admitted, provided they meet LUMS’s admission standards.

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