Customer Feedback Policy: How It Drives Business Growth

Customer Feedback Policy for Business Growth

A customer feedback policy is a documented set of procedures and guidelines that outlines how a business collects, manages, and make essential customer feedback policy. It should define the different types of collected feedback, how feedback is solicited and gathered, how it is analyzed and used, and how it is shared with the organization. Same … Read more

Brain Drain in Pakistan in 2023: Unlocking the Potential for Brain Gain


Brain drain in Pakistan, the emigration of highly educated and skilled individuals from their home country in pursuit of better opportunities abroad, has become a significant concern. This phenomenon has been a growing concern for many developing countries, including Pakistan. We will discuss the causes of brain drain in Pakistan and analyze its implications for … Read more

The Beginner’s Guide to Successful Dropshipping in Pakistan Without Investment

Dropshipping in pakistan

Dropshipping is an innovative retail strategy that has gained significant traction in online commerce. It’s a business model where the retailer doesn’t physically stock the products they sell. Instead, the retailer acts as a bridge between the customer and the supplier. For instance, let’s say you’ve set up an online store selling designer handbags. When … Read more

ONIC SIM: Golden Numbers, Pricing, Packages, and Online Ordering in Pakistan

Onic Sim: Pakistan new brand

ONIC is the only place you need to look if you’re looking for a new SIM card. As the first digital telecommunications operator in Pakistan, it offers a complete package that includes quick customer service, off-net accessibility, quick activation, plenty of data, and more. it represents more than just a SIM card; it stands as … Read more

PayPal’s Announcement: 4 Ways to Stablecoin Hits the Crypto Market

PayPal announced Stablecoin

In recent years, digital payments have gained immense traction, transforming the way we conduct financial transactions. The introduction of PayPal stablecoin represents a groundbreaking advancement in this domain, aiming to enhance the efficiency, security, and accessibility of digital transactions. What is Stablecoin by PayPal? PayPal’s stablecoin is a cryptocurrency¬†based on the value of the United … Read more